Our Leadership

Meet the Staff

At Countryside, we have an exemplary leader who believes in furthering the mission of Jesus, addressing the truth of the Bible that penetrates deeply and leaves a life-long imprint on everyone’s hearts.

Our team comprises senior pastors, executives, men, women, kid’s pastors, and online pastors to guide in the right direction towards growing in faith.

Glenn Davis

Lead Pastor

Andrew Davis

Lead Executive Pastor

Tim O’Fallon

Executive Pastor

Worship Experience

Alana Williams

Executive Worship Pastor

Michael Falknor

Worship Assistant

Adult Ministry

Kelly Hicks

Discipleship/Women’s Pastor

Alex Bennett

SEU/Young Adults Pastor

Elaine Davis

Young Adults/ Women’s Ministry

Justin Hicks

Men’s Director/Facilities

Pastor Nick

Pastoral Care

Shelly Wilson

Women’s Counseling

Youth Ministry

Marcelo Leite

Next Gen Pastor

Luke Hammond

Youth Assistant

Hannah Konin

Youth Worship/Admin

Kids Ministry

Thalia O’Fallon

Early Childhood Director

Danika Leite Elementary Kids Director Creative

Danika Leite

Elementary Kid’s Pastor

Casey Lindsey

Kids Assistant

Countryside Español

Alex Rodriguez

Countryside Espanol Pastor

Lorena Ferrisi

Countryside Espanol Assistant

South Tampa Campus

Dan Clemens

Campus Pastor

Dana Alvarez

Worship/Women’s Pastor

Cody Beckman

Youth Director

Jose Alvarez

Elementary Kid’s Pastor

Karys Black

Early Childhood Director


Naomi Powell

Care/Missions Pastor

Elizabeth Elka

Director of Helping Hands

Joyce Muglia

Helping Hands

Gary Massey

Helping Hands

Ross Silva

Helping Hands

Jaxson Barber

Helping Hands


Emily Spoto

Director of Accounting

Mariette Gammon

First Impressions/HR

Cindee Becker

Care Admin

Teresa Davis Printshop

Teresa Davis


Elaine Bruch

Women’s/Groups Assistant

Amberlee Ascari


Margaret Tennant

First Impressions Assistant

Mary Logsdon



Corey Spann

Communications Director

Steven Ascari

Production Director

Dave Reitmeyer


Mike Auer


Madison Schenker

Photography/Social Media


Joe Lindsey

Facilities Director

Steve Massingill


Kaige Kozlowski


McKinley Small



Crystal Mascaro

Countryside Christian Academy Principal

Ronda Walker

Countryside Christian Preschool Director