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Audiobook Extras: Davis Family Edition – “Ordinary Guy, Extraordinary God”

Audiobook Extras: Davis Family Edition brings a whole new dimension to the autobiographical book “Ordinary Guy, Extraordinary God,” written by Glenn Davis, senior pastor of Countryside Christian Church. 

This recording includes the full audiobook of Pastor Glenn’s book, and, as a bonus, it features an exclusive interview with Pastor Glenn’s wife, Elaine Davis. 

She provides her perspective on the life story that is told in the book, sharing meaningful insights and a view into her reality as a pastor’s wife and a strong, godly woman. Opening up, Elaine comments on each chapter, enriching the audiobook listening experience with heart-felt sentiments and observations. 

Audiobook Extras is a unique way to hear and experience an audiobook, not only from the author’s perspective, but also from someone else who lived out the story in real life along with the author.

Starting the week of September 10, 2023, a new chapter of the book will be posted as a new episode each week over the next few months. We invite you to take this journey with us through the stories of Pastor Glenn Davis, Elaine Davis, and the work of the Holy Spirit through Countryside Christian Church in Tampa Bay, Florida.

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