Pastor Joey is the lead pastor of Countryside, the church he started attending with his family at the ripe age of four. He uses humor and storytelling to relate God’s word to everyday life. He desires not only that people come to church, but that they be the church, living out what it truly means to be a follower of Christ in the community. He and his wife, Amy, have two daughters, Elena and Livia.

Joey is the fourth of five kids, originally from New York, until the family moved down in 1987. His side has now grown to 21, all attending and serving at Countryside. Adding 10 more from Amy’s side, they are both trying to make sure that no matter what, there will be at least 31 people in church on any given Sunday. Joey and Amy met in elementary school and grew up in this church, learning, growing and serving wherever they could. Joey’s family lived in the neighborhood to the left of the church, and Amy’s to the right. They were destined to meet in the middle. They both graduated from USF in 2005 and Amy later returned for her Masters in Social Work. Marrying here at Countryside in 2007, they spent the first six years of wedded bliss traveling as much as possible before the birth of their first daughter, Elena. The second daughter, Livee, came 15 months later. It is an absolute privilege and honor for them to now lead the life-giving people of Countryside.